Leksands knäckebröd

February 02, 2024

Leksands Knäckebröd is a family-owned bakery and currently produces about 8000 tons of crispbread per year. Since the end of 2005/2006, the sixth generation of the Joon family has been running Leksands Knäckebröd with both great passion and long tradition. They have their production facility and also a bakery shop outside Leksand and currently have about 160 employees in total.

M3CS are proud of a very successful implementation of Infor M3 together with Leksands Knäckebröd and we are looking forward to being part of the company's digitalization journey going forward.

"We are very happy that Leksands Knäckebröd chose Infor M3 and M3CS as a partner and we hope for a successful cooperation for a long time ahead, says Johan Zetterberg, CEO of M3CS."

Leksands Knäckebröd has gone live with Infor M3!

After a very successful go-live, Infor M3 is now deployed at Leksands Knäckebröd. The implementation project started in January last year and now almost a year later, M3CS together with Leksand's team, has completed a very successful deployment. The initial solution includes Infor M3 13.4, the WMS system Extend and supplier invoice scanning with Medius Flow. The solution supports all business processes at Leksands from purchasing, inventory, planning, production to finance and follow-up.

Leksands Knäckebröd previously ran an older version of iScala as an ERP system, which no longer provided effective support for Leksand's business processes. With a new ERP system, the goal was to both get better support for Leksand's internal processes and also be able to meet IT requirements from customers and other external stakeholders. The company also wanted to increase reliability and get a more flexible business system solution, which was not a limitation for future business development and opportunities.

Important criteria when choosing a new business system at Leksands Knäckebröd was that the system solution had good system support for the bakery industry and that it was a future-proof standard system. Additional crucial criteria were that the system should be reliable and with the ability to integrate with the existing WMS solution in an efficient way. The choice was to implement Infor M3 together with M3CS AB, which had both industry experience from F&B in general and also specifically from bakery, but also expertise in the WMS system Extend.

We wanted a partner with both expertise in F&B, bakery and at the same time having enough diversity to be responsible for all parts of the project. M3CS project methodology with clear responsibilities and control mechanisms during the project minimizes the risk of unexpected surprises.

- Thomas Antoniusson, IT manager at Leksands Knäckebröd

In recent years, Leksands Knäckebröd has invested heavily in its production facility and today runs six parallel production lines in shifts, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is very important that production runs smoothly, without disruptions or stops. A lot of time and effort has been put into the project to improve the system support for planning and production and also enable effective traceability throughout the chain and better follow-up at all levels.

The project to change the business system has been run very successfully between Leksands Knäckebröd and M3CS for almost a year. Important success factors have been close cooperation in the project team, with high solution capacity and decision-making authority. The project spirit has been permeated by the desire to find good overall solutions within the framework of standards and a solution-oriented approach, which created efficiency and progress in the project.

Together, Leksands Knäckebröd and M3CS have carried out the project in a problem and solution-oriented manner with a structured and controlled approach. Hard work has been interspersed with a lot of laughter, which is a successful combination for a good project!

- Fredrik Hellqvist, Project Manager Implementation 
at Leksands Knäckebröd

With a new business system to support its operations, the expectations are that Leksands Knäckbröd will become less dependent on people and consultants, increase the efficiency of its business processes, become less vulnerable to operational disruptions and be able to meet the wishes and requirements of external stakeholders in a better way, and be able to trust its data. Leksands Knäckebröd has significantly raised the level of analysis and follow-up at all levels of the company. 

Leksands Knäckebröd is constantly striving to increase our efficiency in a sustainable and smart way. With Infor M3 as a business support and IT platform, it allows us to use digitalization to achieve our future goals.

- Peter Joon, CEO at Leksands Knäckebröd

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