Below you will find information regarding whistleblowing at M3CS.

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We want to do it correctly

M3CS strives to maintain a transparent business environment and high business ethics. Compliance with laws, regulations and internal codes of conduct is a top priority. In our operations, we are committed to the safety and respect of all people affected by our activities.

Our whistleblowing channel

The whistleblowing channel can be used by those who, in a work-related context, have received or obtained information about misconduct to warn about serious risks or actual misconduct that may affect people, our organization, society or the environment.

You can report on breaches of EU or national law or other misconduct for which there is a public interest in disclosure. You do not have to be sure that what you report is true, but you must have reasons to believe in the accuracy of what you report. If you use the whistleblowing channel to report misconduct where there is no public interest or knowingly report false information, you will not receive protection under the Act (2021:890) on the protection of persons reporting misconduct.

For other types of personal complaints that are not in the public interest, such as disputes or complaints regarding the workplace or work environment, we encourage you to contact your line manager, the human resources department or your safety representative, as appropriate.

To read more about what you can whistleblow about and how we handle whistleblowing and your personal data, please see our whistleblowing policy below, as well as the personal data processing policy applicable to you.

This is how your information is managed

To ensure your anonymity, the service is managed by an external part Hailey, www.haileyhr.se, and your report is received by Advokatfirman Lindahl.

All messages are treated confidentially.

This is how to leave your confidential message:

You can report easily and securely by submitting your report via Hailey. If you want to inform us that you want to schedule a physical meeting to report, just fill in the form. Before submitting your report, you can choose to enter your email address to receive an email with a link to access your case later. If you do not enter your email address, after you have clicked to submit your report, you will instead receive a link in your browser that you must save in order to access your case.

The generated link is the only way to access your case. The generated link cannot be recreated once you have closed your browser. You remain anonymous in the case as long as you do not choose to reveal your identity.

Within 7 days, you can read a possible follow-up question or answer from us in your case.

Thank you for your commitment!

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