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We believe in partnerships in all forms!


M3CS and Partners

Partners are a central part of our business. We see our customers and suppliers as partners, but we do also have partnerships with several other consulting and development companies. 

By working closely with our service partners, we can offer our customers the most experienced consultants and the greatest availability of Infor CloudSuite and M3 expertise.


Novacura Flow makes it easy to get more out of your Infor M3 application. With Flow, you can turn your business processes into simple, user-friendly, repeatable applications that put the right data in the right place at the right time on any device. Using Novacura Flow and M3 together you get the perfect mobility solution used in many different areas.

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ERP software like Infor M3 has revolutionized the way businesses manage complex processes and workflows, increasing efficiency and automation to aid in the delivery of products and services. With VXL, data management takes place directly in Microsoft Excel, allowing users to update multiple records in Infor M3 with ease. To help make sense of their data, VXL customers can generate charts and tables, map trends or analyze the historical view – all in Excel.


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Medius AP Automation (formerly MediusFlow) optimizes and automates the entire process from purchasing to invoice management, certification, and payment. The invoicing process will be faster, and you will have better financial control and transparency in the business.

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In 2021, M3CS took over the Extend WMS system from Consafe Logistics. Extend is a WMS system suitable for small and simple warehouses to large volume and automated distribution and production facilities, the X2/Extend application also supports streamlined processes. Extend offers flexible support for managing inventory, orders and assignments, processing their movements, allowing you to manage large volumes, complex process variations and IoT connections along with your ERP data in real time.

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For more than 20 years iCore have helped companies to deal with an ever-increasing amount of data. They do this by offering strategic business integration solutions based on a B2B integration platform. iCores platform helps make complicated IT structures smarter and more efficient and transform difficult problems into simple solutions.

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